The End of a Year, the End of another Decade.

I don’t think of myself as someone who lives in the past. I’ve done a lot of things in my life that I’ve enjoyed but I don’t wish I could re-live them, I look to the future and the interesting things to come.

A year ago I started this blog, a new endeavor. I’ve written 31 posts over the last year. There are times when I felt I should do more and there are times when I have been too busy to even think about it. Since the purpose of this blog is to tell longer versions of things that I’ve done I’m not in any rush to fill it out. For example, I just completed a presentation for a new toy idea. It took a few months to pull all the elements together. It was much more important to get it done and out to my partner. She is now showing it to her contacts. Now I can relax a little and write a blog post except that I can’t relax too much.

I have to finish 2 books I’ve been working on. That is the next big deadline. I also have to work on the 5th Annual Chesapeake Children’s Book Festival. See, new stuff, all in the future and things I’ll talk more about later.

This will hopefully not be the last blog post this year. I hope to do a couple around Christmas. I just wanted to mark the first anniversary. Speaking of living in the past, I was happy to be able to get together with 2 of my best friends this past weekend. I met Frank and Sam 40 years ago at Six Flags Great Adventure. We worked in the Haunted Castle together (I wrote a little about that here, I’ll expand on those years later). I have the first photo somewhere (I’ll post it when I find it) but back in that first year we were on a camping trip when the three of us took a funny photo together. Since then, about every decade, we take another photo. These are the past three photos.

This was taken in 1989, at a 10 year reunion of our years working at Great Adventure. From the left, me, Sam Aaron, Frank Hernandez.
We were recreating the original photo.
About 10 years ago. Sam had moved to California and was visiting New Jersey.
Sunday, Dec 8, 2019. We spent the day as if it had not been 10 years since we were all together. See you guys soon.

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