Happy Book Birthday (to me)!

Cover of untitled by author/illustrator Timothy Young

Today is the official release date for untitled. I have had copies of this book in my hands for over a month but the release date means it’s now available everywhere. People who pre-ordered it from Amazon or Barnes & Noble will get their copies shortly.

I’ve written more on my blog about this book than any of my others. I’ll soon get back to my stories about the beginnings of my Puffin books or Do Not Open The Box! I’ll never have to come back here to tell the origin of untitled because it’s been revealed here over many posts.

This is the 11th book I’ve written and illustrated. My first book, I’m Looking for a Monster!, came out in 2008, just over 11 years ago. It’s my 13th published book with my name on the cover. I’ve always been fond of numbers that others have an irrational fear of, so numerically I’m pretty happy with it’s position.

I happy with the reaction to it so far. It’s gotten attention from book bloggers, Story Monsters Ink magazine and will be featured in a forth-coming episode of KidLitTV’s Ready, Set, Draw!. A couple of people have told me it’s their new favorite book (which is always nice for an author to hear.) I can’t wait to see what a wider audience thinks of it.

So, to help get it out to a wider audience I’ll be sending a signed copy of untitled to the lucky winner who commented on my book trailer blogpost. Thanks to everyone who left such nice comments. The winner, pulled at random, is Lisa Maucione (@DrLMaucione).

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