Happy Holidays!

This is the image I used to send out holiday greetings to my family, friends and clients. I did a few variations to make it fit Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I personally celebrate Christmas but I know many people who celebrate Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and others who just enjoy the winter solstice.

The star of my illustration is the Puffin who has starred in two of my books; The Angry Little Puffin and If You Give the Puffin a Muffin. It’s surprising to develop feelings for a character you created out of your head but I really love this little guy. I’m happy to say that a number of people have become fans of his. He seems to be doing well out in the world.

I’m enjoying the blog so far, it’s still very new to me but it gives me a place to write longer pieces and a better place for them than Facebook posts that quickly fall away or very short tweets. I have a bunch of posts planned for the new year and my intention is to not let this fall away like some New Year’s resolution. So if you’ve come across this post I hope you like it and have a very happy, healthy and joyous holiday of your choosing and I hope you’ll come back soon.

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