Just what the world needs now…another blog.

Welcome to my newest blog. I’ve tried this before. The first was called Creatures & Characters Weekly. This was before sites like Instagram. It was a visual blog of random drawings, character sketches and whatever I felt like showing at the time. I then updated to Blogger and called it the Creatures & Characters blog. It did not last long, it was cumbersome and it got lost in the shuffle. Both of these were before I was a published author, so more than ten years ago.

Many years ago I decided to call my creative company Creatures & Characters. It is my  business name for the illustration jobs, toy design work and anything else that came along. I do business under another name as well, Eclectic Graphics. That is more of a local graphic design firm. I’ve folded my work as an author/illustrator into Creatures & Characters and it’s where you find info about my school author visits.

So, what to expect here? I’m not sure but I’ve been meaning to get back to blogging for some time. I plan to write about some of the stuff I’ve done through the years. I’ve been creating art and doing creative stuff for a very long time. I’ll be showing work that I’ve done and that I’m doing. I’ll talk about writing, illustrating, designing toys, animation and a whole bunch of other stuff. Lets just see where it goes.

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